Teaching Portfolio

Secondary School Student Art 

GEMS Metropole School
Dubai, UAE
National Curriculum for England, Key Stage 3
Watercolour techniques
GCSE Fine Art
Year 11 (Pearson Edexcel)
National Curriculum for England, Key Stage 4
Mock Exam
Realisation of intentions (portrait project and sketchbook preparation)
Paintings, mixed-media, printmaking, drawing
GCSE Fine Art
Relief Printmaking: Lino & Chine-collé on paper 
Akua printing inks (water-based), pin press roller
GCSE Fine Art
Batik on fabric/mixed media
GCSE Fine Art
Year 11, Key Stage 4
Project 2 'Me, Myself, I - Portraits'
Development of ideas: mindmap, initial ideas, inspiration, photoshoot, observational drawings, contextual research - artist studies, deconstruction,personal response, development of ideas, evaluation, experimentation with a variety of media & materials, annotation, filter apps, digital manipulation, painting, printmaking, textiles, refining skills and outcomes, presentation
Key Stage 3 & 4
Mixed media lanterns
Portrait painting 
Monotypes, printmaking
Artist Ian Murphy, drawing/collage workshop
GCSE Fine Art Year 10 
Project 1 'Exploring Elements of Art'
5 hole pamphlet stitch bookbinding, printmaking, paper marbling, creative lettering, drawing skills, expressive line, colour theory, composition, creating textured papers, Sumi-e ink drawing, watercolour pens, annotation
ASA Textiles - Emirates Airlines Combined Schools Art Exhibition (Literacy Festival).
Theme 'Journeys', Dubai Festival City Mall 
Lino Printing, fabric & paper dyeing, screenprinting, stencils, batik, mixed media drawing, origami, applique, machine sewing, embroidery, paper marbling, photographic transfers 


Kearsney College Independent Day & Boarding School for Boys, South Africa


Grade 8 to 10, South African Independent Examination Board


Grade 8

Sketchbook making; observational drawing, colour theory; Prehistoric Art: therianthropes; Dragon masks; Afrofuturism/steampunk spectacles


Grade 9

Batik/mixed media on paper: Arabic motif

Printmaking: monotypes, linoprinting, embossing, chine colle


Grade 10

Printmaking: monoprinting, monotypes, linoprinting, embossing, drypoint etching.

Zentangles - drawing workshop

Teign Academy, Devon, U.K.
GCSE Fine Art (AQA) Year 10 & 11 
National Curriculum for England, Key Stage 4
A Level Fine Art (OCR)
Year 12 & 13, AS & A2
National Curriculum for England, Key Stage 5
Royal Academy Drawing Workshop
Double-Elephant Printmaking Workshop
St Ives Residential Art Trip
Artist Visit, Monoprint & Clay (wheel) Workshop
London Galleries Art Trips




Teign Academy &
The King's School, Devon U.K


Year 7 to 9, National Curriculum for England,

Key Stage 3


Year 7

Monoprints self-portraits

Masks mixed media

Aboriginal Art, tissue bowls

Medieval Art, gargoyles, stained glass windows

Matisse Collage, cutouts

William Morris, collagraphs


Year 8

Mask making

Expressive self-portraits

Monoprinting Persian designs

Kite-making, plastic welding


Year 9

Ndebele Art, cardboard construction 

Robotic Art, 3D wire sculpture