About Shauna Southam

Shauna was born in Greater Johannesburg, South Africa in 1973.

She creates mixed media artworks on canvas and paper, specialising in fine art printmaking, including viscosity monotypes, dry-point etching, lino-prints, chine-collé and frottage techniques on paper. Shauna’s work has been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions in South Africa and the U.K, and she has sold her work internationally to private collectors in the USA, Australia, Denmark and UAE.


Shauna is now based in the vibrant and culturally diverse city of Dubai, working as a practicing fine artist and secondary school specialist art teacher. Her process as an artist is adaptive, inventive, and energetic. She enjoys the challenge of combining different techniques and materials to create hybrid artworks, with an emphasis on line, pattern and vivid colour.


Inspired by her passion for art history, portraiture, travel, textiles, ceramics and hand-crafted jewellery, she creates contemporary artworks that look at how we value artefacts, traditional hand-made work and beauty in an increasingly globalised and digital world. These tangible links between past and present are weaved into the story of her work. 

Shauna recently exhibited her artwork at World Art Dubai, 2018

Original Paintings, Drawings and Fine Art Printmaking 

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